Salons and Spas

Whether you own a salon or spa or are a barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician, it’s important to know that the California has strict standards for beauty and barber professionals. They range from licensing requirements to safety requirements to labor and employment laws. Hasti Daneshvar will help you navigate through these complicated issues so that you can grow your salon or spa.

Ms. Daneshvar focuses on assisting salons and spas in Southern California. She provides her clients with smart business strategies to help them in light of constantly changing employment laws in California as well as advising them with such things as their social media, pop up shops, and influencer relationships. California has recently undergone changes to its labor and employment practices which have impacted salons and stylists greatly. The current laws are complicated and at times full of grey areas and salons and spas must now move quickly to adapt to these new requirements to avoid penalties and litigation. She can protect your business through the creation of:

  • Employment Agreements and Manuals
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Booth Rental Agreements
  • Employee Training Classes
  • Hiring and Termination Forms
  • Human Resources Forms

Additionally, the rise in digital and social media has provided salons and spas with the opportunity to display their work to the world via the internet. However, it has also created areas for legal pitfalls and can often require the use of:

  • Model Releases
  • Client/Customer Releases
  • Intellectual Property Clearances
  • Privacy Policies
  • End User Agreements

Daneshvar Law has been an asset to our company. Ms. Daneshvar has worked one on one with us to assist our hair salon in every aspect of our business. She has helped us with our employment practices by creating and updating a customized employee handbook for us. She also drafts and reviews all of our documents to make sure our business is running properly. Recently, her office also succeeded in registering various trademarks for our business and regularly sends out cease and desist letters to protect our brand. We can’t say enough about how great of a role Daneshvar Law has played in our business’s success.

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