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What can an employer deduct from an employee’s paycheck?

An employer can deduct funds for:

-union dues or tax withholdings;
-any losses caused by your dishonesty; willful misconduct or gross negligence; or
specific deductions that you previously gave written authorization to the employer to make.

In addition, wages could be deducted for food and lodging that, by pre-agreement, are part of the employee’s salary. And, under certain conditions, an employer can offset minimum wage payments by providing you with food and lodging. An employer cannot, however, require the employee to pay for meals or housing through your job. And if the employee has to buy tools or a special uniform for his job, the employer usually has to reimburse him.

Finally, even if you the employee does owe money to the employer, he or she cannot deduct the debt from his final paycheck in one lump sum. Instead, the employer could sue the employee in small claims court or superior court for reimbursement.

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