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Announcement: Hasti Daneshvar has joined The Bump’s team of experts as their first ever “Legal Expert”

I am pleased to announce that I am now the Legal Expert for The Bump, a wonderful guide for today’s parents. I appreciate the opportunity The Bump has given me by allowing me to answer their reader’s legal questions and concerns. Unfortunately, many parents do not realize the importance of drafting wills and trusts for their families and sometimes have little understanding of the impact their pregnancy may have in their workplace. However, I have no doubt that The Bump and I can help bring awareness about these topics to this new generation of parents.

As a first time parent to my now one and a half year old son, I can honestly tell you that preparing for the arrival of one’s child in modern day America has become more complicated and time consuming than that of our parent’s generation. In fact, the amount of preparation and time that went into it bordered on that of what I spent studying for the BAR exam when becoming a lawyer. Thank goodness, though, for The Bump, which served and still serves as my ultimate survival guide! Not only did The Bump provide me with a list of the best baby products and services out on the market, but it also provided me with a step-by-step checklist to help me prepare for the big day. Needless to say, I am hooked on The Bump.

Prior to working with The Bump, I mentioned my idea to my friends and family who were all quick to shut my idea down. They said, “Don’t do that!!! New moms don’t want to think about depressing stuff like estate planning and work during what’s supposed to be the happiest time of their life.” I even went on to put up posts in different Mommy groups on Facebook where I volunteered to answer people’s questions with respect to pregnancy and the law. Unfortunately, my posts went ignored and moms posted questions asking about strollers and high chairs. So one begs to wonder, why all the concern with the little things and the complete avoidance of matters that could actually impact their family’s lives.

Well after much research, I believe it’s a combination of a few things. I believe however, that the biggest reason is the lack of importance placed on estate planning and labor and employment by parenting guides. The majority of guides mention almost everything you need to do to prepare for your baby’s arrival: what to buy, picking a pediatrician and lactation consultant, mommy and me classes, etc. Yet, very few mention that parents need to draft wills, trusts, survivorships or what rights new parents have in the workplace. There is no doubt that the media shapes how people think about various topics. That is why I am so excited to be working with The Bump now. I have no doubt that this a step in the right direction as we can now help steer parents in the right direction!

It’s time to take the fear out of estate planning and labor and employment with respect to pregnancy, and instill a sense of pride in securing our children’s future.

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