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So it’s almost 2 a.m. and I just finished preparing an emergency bankruptcy petition that MUST be filed by tomorrow to save my client’s home from foreclosure. It was only a few hours ago that I received a frantic telephone call from a client who said that he was desperate to file for bankruptcy because… SURPRISE SURPRISE… the PARALEGAL that was helping him file his petition had failed to return any of his telephone calls or emails. With the sale date only two days away, he was left helpless, distraught and confused. Luckily, we were able to arrange a meeting together tonight so that I could prepare his paperwork for him to pick up and file with the court tomorrow.

After finishing his paperwork, I was surfing the internet for some bankruptcy information and came upon this website https://www.713-training.com/. I cannot begin to tell you how disturbed I was to see that the filing of serious legal papers has become a joke. A quick look at this site clearly illustrates how ANYONE can set up shop and claim they can help people file bankruptcies. This site blatantly boasts about how anyone can prepare a bankruptcy filing and no education or legal background is necessary. I think it’s important that people see websites such as this one so that they can understand what it is they are really paying for and trusting their lives with when they work with non-attorneys on their legal matters.

I would end this post by saying “you get what you pay for”… but the truth is… my client paid less to hire me for this bankruptcy filing than what he was going to pay this non-attorney, who not only failed to return his calls and ultimately, but also answers to no one for her actions due to the fact that she is not a licensed attorney.

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