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Unlike a will, "A living revocable trust serves as far more than just where assets are to go upon your death and it does that in an efficient way by also covering you while you are alive. A will does

It's been a long time since I've blawged, but yes ladies and gentlemen, Daneshvar Law is back. With that, let's talk about one of my favorite topics

A growing family requires a reassessment of one's personal finances for good reason. According to 2011 figures from the Department of Agriculture, the estimated annual cost to raise a child is $12,290 to $14,320 for an average-income family. That's why

Most employers are trying to do right by their workers and offer decent wages and benefits. But offering health coverage can be costly. The Affordable Care Act is changing that by reducing the cost for small businesses. Employers with fewer

On November 25, 2009, the Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (DLSE) issued an Opinion Letter clarifying how and when a California employer may deduct for a full and partial day absence from an exempt salaried employee’s accrued paid time

Ring in the new year with an updated handbook because there are a plethora of new employment laws which have been passed. Daneshvar Law is offering special rates to businesses in need of handbooks. You can contact us at

A bill sponsored by the Transgender Law Center and Equality California was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill, Vital Statistics Modernization Act, simplifies changing ones birth certificate for transgender Californians. Another bill, the Gender Nondiscrimination Act, was

A will is a legal document that describes how you want your assets distributed when you die. How things get distributed is actually controlled by a legal process called probate -- that’s when the court controls and supervises the allocation,

Employers may often not realize it, but inconsistency in small-business activities is obvious to employees and others working with the business. Human resources departments need to handle situations professionally with similar treatment for all employees to avoid discrimination under civil

Of course, it’s important to choose your guardian carefully, but also keep in mind that you can change your decision as often as and whenever you’d like. When designating a guardian for your child, you can create a checks-and-balances system

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